Thursday, October 20, 2011

half birthday

my smallest of miniature men hit the big 6 month mark this week.
i honestly cant believe it has been THAT LONG!
i had also completely forgotten about the way that turning six months old amps up baby development,
all of a sudden we can roll over, sit up, brew some teeth, eat solids, steal our brothers toys and cover then in a very comprehensive layer of drool, split an atom ect ect.
and despite all these new found fun and games i STILL found the time to sew! hoorah!
so in my madeit store theres some very retro fun tablecloth bags,
and a couple (more to come) of sweet little girlie sunhats,
 ooh and im very chuffed with these alphabet necklaces, fun hey?
and i know this is a scary thought,
its getting a little bit close to christmas!
which means only one thing........
last year i managed to donate 6 or 7 softies, and fingers crossed i can muster the same this year.
for more info head over here for pending updates.
ok lovely, i think that is all for now,
have a fab day lovelies! 

Monday, September 26, 2011

oh well, whatever, nevermind

20 years ago on saturday, 'nevermind' was released!
20 years! man that makes me feel old!
i have it on vinyl and cassette,
in fact i might crack open my walkman, put on some cargo shorts, channel my inner angst and reminisce.
i just wish i had have been old enough in 1991 to appreciate it more,
i still know it by heart, and is still one of my all time favourite albums.
thankyou nirvana, for everything!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

if you dont have an iphone........

you dont have an iphone!
i dont have an iphone...
i know i owe it to myself to embrace the iphone, but im resisting, vehemently!
i do however have the snazziest way to keep your iphone all nice and safe and cozy!

oh yesirreee, my new whizz bang iphone cosies.
they will fit any phone within the dimensions of 12cm x 7cm x 1.5cm
they are lined with quilted calico, and are made from vintage and reclaimed materials
they are available now in my madeit store
and are only $21 woooo!
have a splendid tuesday peeps <3

Monday, August 29, 2011

doin it, doin it!

the miniature men and i are donning our dancing pants and off to see justine clarke in concert!
oh yes! im totes down with the preschool crowd!
we are dating it up with macguyvers sis, and her two girlies,
so there is bound to be fun galore ;)
october 5th peeps, dallas brooks centre melbourne, lock it in!
till next time lovelies,

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

nice pear!

there are still some new calico bags in my madeit store
those of the 'nice pear' and 'hoot' varieties only, working on more of the others this week.
and lets not forget its nearly papa's day!
i have come accross some very fun fathers day goods over the last week, so heres to sharing

able and game
things by bean

Monday, August 22, 2011


hello lovelies
i know its been a while ;)
my two boys have been keeping me pretty busy, and consequently away from my bloggy blog.
the mini man turned 4 recently, plunging me into a world of dinosaurs cakes and well, anything ending in 'saurus'
the baby one is 4 months old now, and is getting more and more fun everyday.
i must admit i had forgotten how GOOD babies smell, and how satisfying a good baby smile or chuckle is.
i have (unbelievably) found time to do some sewing, and crocheting (more on that later though)
and eating of these.....
im not really one to jump on a bandwagon, but im well and truely aboard this one!
macaroons rock my world, i have attempted making them once, it was a disaster.
but im willing to give it another go.
i grabbed some from brunettis whilst in good ol' melbourne town a few weekends ago, pistachio, blackberry, and raspberry (it didnt make the trip home)
anyhoo, i hope you are all well, and still around!
ive got my sewing mojo on fire today, so ill be posting some gold this week
xxx peace peeps!

Friday, May 6, 2011

look what i made!

so this is what ive been working on lately.....
i must admit i did have a little help with this project ;)
our lovely little boy Des Perry arrived on the 19th april all safe and sound.
he is being VERY good to his mama, and his big bro is chuffed to bits with him!
its mothers day on sunday peeps! dont forget!
i will be waking to some chai in bed, a wander around the mton racecourse market then off to the in-laws for afternoon tea (i hope theres scones)
even though im far to late to put in my requests for mamas day, i do LOVE these rings, they're from lovestamp on madeit
so to all the beautifuls mamas out there, have a glorious sunday with your kidlets!
peace ;)