Thursday, October 20, 2011

half birthday

my smallest of miniature men hit the big 6 month mark this week.
i honestly cant believe it has been THAT LONG!
i had also completely forgotten about the way that turning six months old amps up baby development,
all of a sudden we can roll over, sit up, brew some teeth, eat solids, steal our brothers toys and cover then in a very comprehensive layer of drool, split an atom ect ect.
and despite all these new found fun and games i STILL found the time to sew! hoorah!
so in my madeit store theres some very retro fun tablecloth bags,
and a couple (more to come) of sweet little girlie sunhats,
 ooh and im very chuffed with these alphabet necklaces, fun hey?
and i know this is a scary thought,
its getting a little bit close to christmas!
which means only one thing........
last year i managed to donate 6 or 7 softies, and fingers crossed i can muster the same this year.
for more info head over here for pending updates.
ok lovely, i think that is all for now,
have a fab day lovelies!