Sunday, March 14, 2010

craft swap update

hello my wonderful, and loyal blog followers!
how would we feel about an extension to the craft swap send out date?
i know im crazy busy, and am sure you guys are too.
im open to suggestions..........say 12th april?
or leave it? you tell me!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

craft swap update

ok the craft swap is coming along swimmingly!
you need to make one medium sized craft item to send to your swap partner. it can be anything that you like, enjoy making etc etc.
ive decided that our first theme will be 'RETRO', so interpret as you wish!
so far we have on board linda from lulufroufrou,
tania from chickenink,
mel from mel makes pretty,
im extending the sign up date to the 17th march and send out date still sits at 31st march.
if you would like to sign up, send me an email to, with your postal address and ill start hooking swap partners up. ;)
AND jaqueline from zippy zippy,
and narelle from at the bench with narelle
also caryn over at smooch designs

Monday, March 1, 2010

lets share some crafty love!

ok so this is what im thinking!
i love getting fun things in the mail, and i love making fun things for other people. i figure there are a few other people out there who share this love, so my thought was to have a monthly craft swap! people sign up for the given month via this blog, i swap all the names around and contact you with your 'swap partner' and voila! craftly love all over the country!
i was thinking one medium craft item per swap, and maybe a theme for each swap! oooh exciting!
so whos in for march?? send out date is last day of the month (march 31st) and lets say cut off date to sign up is.......14th march.
cool, now to think of a theme......any suggestions?
and sorry, i should have added the swap was for completed items. ;)