Saturday, October 30, 2010

beautiful handmade bits and peices giveaway

the lovely leah of vintage chenille is having a beautiful giveaway on her blog to get to 400 facebook fans.
all you need to do is join her facebook page and you are in the draw to win these beautiful cushions.
more info on her blog also

Thursday, October 28, 2010

assistance required....

ok so, i have a rather large collection of toilet paper rolls.
why? i hear you asking, well i started collecting them a couple of years back to make bon bons for christmas, which i did. great fun.
but i never stopped collecting them, i suppose i see some potential in them, i just dont know what that potential is.
so thats where you come in.
i need some ideas from you clever, crafty, peeps for what i can do with my stockpile.
sure i could make bonbons again, possibly will, but theres still so many!
so go nuts! hit me with your bestest ideas for toilet paper roll craftiness....
there might even be a little giveaway for my fav idea

Monday, October 18, 2010

no good deed goes unpunished!

dont you just hate it when someone goes out of their way to help someone else out and it bites them in the butt!
oh well, at least i know karma will sort it out!
on a lighter note i have just filled my madeit store with some delicious little softies and cute purses!
go check em out ;)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

year of the mayfly

a lovely guy a went to school with (all those years ago) has started a great blog about his pending trip to asia "Determined to live a life of adventure and true fufillment".
we lost touch when we finished school, as you do, when lives move in different ways and speeds.
'year of the mayfly' is a funny, and interesting and i think will be very inspiring.
join brodie on his adventure here

Monday, October 4, 2010

a love letter

pic courtesy of
to my darling daylight saving,
im not too sure how to say this, so ill just come out with it....
i love you for the sound of lawn mowers at 6.30 at night,
i love the way you make everyone that little bit cheerier,
i love how you give us that extra bit of outside playing time,
and the extra sunshine it takes to get the perfect product shot,
i love your promise of bbq's with great friends,
i even love the way mum tells me every year that nanna used to think you faded her curtains,
i love sharing long dawdling walks with you and my boys,
i love your outside dinners,
i love that you bring summer with you,
im not too fond of your mosquitos, but i love the way you make my garden grow,
and the smell of jasmine flowering with your arrival.
thank you daylight saving for all your loveliness,
your truely, beckie xxx