Thursday, October 28, 2010

assistance required....

ok so, i have a rather large collection of toilet paper rolls.
why? i hear you asking, well i started collecting them a couple of years back to make bon bons for christmas, which i did. great fun.
but i never stopped collecting them, i suppose i see some potential in them, i just dont know what that potential is.
so thats where you come in.
i need some ideas from you clever, crafty, peeps for what i can do with my stockpile.
sure i could make bonbons again, possibly will, but theres still so many!
so go nuts! hit me with your bestest ideas for toilet paper roll craftiness....
there might even be a little giveaway for my fav idea

1 comment:

  1. I used to use tpt's (toilet paper tubes) to make candles in....just need a bag of wax and some wicks. It's easy to peel away the cardboard once the wax sets and they are the perfect diameter for candles :)

    Kerry x