Monday, October 4, 2010

a love letter

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to my darling daylight saving,
im not too sure how to say this, so ill just come out with it....
i love you for the sound of lawn mowers at 6.30 at night,
i love the way you make everyone that little bit cheerier,
i love how you give us that extra bit of outside playing time,
and the extra sunshine it takes to get the perfect product shot,
i love your promise of bbq's with great friends,
i even love the way mum tells me every year that nanna used to think you faded her curtains,
i love sharing long dawdling walks with you and my boys,
i love your outside dinners,
i love that you bring summer with you,
im not too fond of your mosquitos, but i love the way you make my garden grow,
and the smell of jasmine flowering with your arrival.
thank you daylight saving for all your loveliness,
your truely, beckie xxx


  1. Love Love Love - Haven't the last two days been perfect. I love that Lou can play in her sandpit while I quickly clean up dinner then head outside to join her - so much more relaxed