Monday, March 21, 2011

gimpy feet, justine clarke, and 90's rock

im becoming increasingly obsessed with 90's music.
mainly early to mid 90's.
not that i wasnt obsessed in the 90's, but ive found a whole new appreciation for it all.
makes me wish i was just a tiny bit older back then so i could have seen some of these great bands live.
what makes the whole experience even more authentic, is that i only have my fav 90's albums on tape, and we only have a tape player in macguyvers ute, ah i love guessing where each song is when rewinding!
whilst on the topic of music, i remember swearing that when i had kids "there was NO WAY i was EVER buying a kids cd to play in the car!"
well the day has come my lovelies, we are currently rocking out to 'songs to make you smile' by the wonderful, cute, funny, and oh so lovely justine clarke.
yep, TOOL has been replaced with such classics as 'roar like a dinosaur' and 'painting a picture'.
the mini man is mighty impressed!
whilst on the topic of mini men (im queen of the segue today!)
lets talk shoes!
our lovely, little, nearly 4 yr old, mini man has been blessed (or more likely cursed) with my big, stupid, flat, gimpy feet. plus on top of that they are pronated (roll in a bit)
he sees a podiatrist and wears orthotics, but we have to buy shoes with a fair arch in them also just to boost the orthotics.
i mean really?
luckily i dont have a crazy shoe fetish, and live in my 3yr old havianas, and occasionally a pair of 10yr old all stars.
well thanks for you time peeps, im four weeks out from delivering mini man #2, and im determined to get some stock into my madeit store, ill keep you all posted!
peace ;)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

goodbye moggy, its been real!

i just had to have my dear old cat put to sleep.
19 not out, a pretty good innings i think!
he had a massive tumour taking over his body, and most probably advanced heart disease, not to mention being incontinent.
ive had him around for longer than i havent, we had some great times together, and im just glad i got to take care of him in his old age.
so im a bit of a blubbery mess tonight.....
the mini man is pulling funny faces and singing songs to cheer me up ;)
i wonder how gatto (our other kitty) will go without his best bud?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

of nature and nurture...

ive been pondering alot lately about how our own childhoods affect our childrens childhoods?
clearly im all very pregnant, and without a sewing room, im doing far too much pondering for my own good!
so what do we think? do the ways we were brought up affect the way we bring up our kidlets?
my family is the epitome of dysfunctional, for one reason or another no-one seems to have contact with anyone else, and aside from me seeing my cousins, no-one would know each other from a bar of soap.
being more or less an only child, i spent alot of time by myself, wasnt ever aloud to have friends over, and birthday parties were off limits too. (i must add in here that my mum has suffered with bi-polar disorder for many years, and as i have learnt over the years, she just doesnt like people)
so needless to say this isnt at all what i want for my kidlets, the mini man reguarly sees his cousins, goes on playdates, has many friends, and will certainly be having a birthday party every year!
is it a conscious decision we make as parents? thoughts?
anyhoo, we are off on a lil family holiday over the long weekend, im going to attempt to crochet a newborn beanie, wish me luck, ill post picks when we get back!
peace! xxx