Wednesday, December 22, 2010

thank you, and you, and you!

 id like to thank everyone who has supported little wise owl over the past year, and provided me with laughs, inspiration, encouragement, and smiles.
i hope that every one of you have an absolutely brilliant christmas, surrounded by family, friends and our most loved.
while we drink eggnog, dine on scrumptious christmas dinners and open pressies, lets all take a little moment to think about those living on the streets, those desperate and willing to risk they're lives to get to our country (id like to thank the lovely cath for this post), those unable to celebrate with their family, and those who are battling illness.
as we anticipate the arrival of number 2 in the new year, i look forward to more craftyness, some new stock, a holiday (wooo!), and a few changes around the place,and hope you will all be along for the ride.
thanks a million peeps ;)
its been real!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

thats my boy!

for anyone who knows the mini man, you will understand how this pic sums him up perfectly!
he is developing the craziest sence of humour, which i must admit involves mainly jokes about poo or bums!
and dances everywhere, taking a bow at the end and waiting for the applause ;)
he's going to be the bestest big brother ever!
saturday is fast approaching as the last day for shipping out little wise owl goodies, so if you want anything for christmas, get in soon.
im happy to post next week locally via express post too.
have a grand thurday peeps ;) xxx

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

half way!

yep, halfway already!
halfway through incubating another son for macguyver and i,
halfway through creating a playmate for the mini man,
and halfway through renovating the study to become 'the boys room'
we are all suitably very chuffed, and after a good 20 weeks of insufferable nausea, im feeling human again.
this of course means that there will be a few changes around the 'hotel le owly'.
other than the obvious of downsizing my study/ sewing room (sob)
im taking some time 'off' over christmas, to relax, hang with macguyver, and be fat at the beach.
after which i will be taking this 'little wise owl' in a slightly different direction.
still the same feel, and most likely much of the same products, (plus some super fun new ones) just slower!
i certainly dont want to quit it all, just enjoy it more.
over the past couple of years, business has gone from nothing to crazy taxi in such a quick time that there have been times where i 'had' to make stock,
this i dont like!
i began this whole adventure because i LOVE to make, i LOVE to make all kinds of things, and i want to share that love with all of you.
so from here on in, there will be nothing but LOVE, more one of a kinds, more experimenting with designs, techniques, and more fun.
i hope you will all come along for the ride, and hopefully enjoy it as much as i will,
its going to be fun!
p.s as soon as this weather clears, im going to take some pics and list on madeit a couple of elf softies i have made for christmas, theyre VERY cute!