Wednesday, December 8, 2010

half way!

yep, halfway already!
halfway through incubating another son for macguyver and i,
halfway through creating a playmate for the mini man,
and halfway through renovating the study to become 'the boys room'
we are all suitably very chuffed, and after a good 20 weeks of insufferable nausea, im feeling human again.
this of course means that there will be a few changes around the 'hotel le owly'.
other than the obvious of downsizing my study/ sewing room (sob)
im taking some time 'off' over christmas, to relax, hang with macguyver, and be fat at the beach.
after which i will be taking this 'little wise owl' in a slightly different direction.
still the same feel, and most likely much of the same products, (plus some super fun new ones) just slower!
i certainly dont want to quit it all, just enjoy it more.
over the past couple of years, business has gone from nothing to crazy taxi in such a quick time that there have been times where i 'had' to make stock,
this i dont like!
i began this whole adventure because i LOVE to make, i LOVE to make all kinds of things, and i want to share that love with all of you.
so from here on in, there will be nothing but LOVE, more one of a kinds, more experimenting with designs, techniques, and more fun.
i hope you will all come along for the ride, and hopefully enjoy it as much as i will,
its going to be fun!
p.s as soon as this weather clears, im going to take some pics and list on madeit a couple of elf softies i have made for christmas, theyre VERY cute!

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  1. Yay! Congrats :) Glad your feeling better now. We've been working hard on the house too trying to make room. Just had a peek in your Madeit store LOVE the elves so cute!!.