Wednesday, November 17, 2010

softies for mirabel

after my market on saturday i popped around the corner and dropped off my 'softies for mirabel' to the ever lovely pip at 'meet me at mikes'.
its such a great idea, and pip does such a great job of collecting and displaying all the softies before they go out to awesome kids just in time for christmas.
The Mirabel Foundation is based in Melbourne, they do great work helping kids who have been orphaned or abandoned due to their Mum or Dad's drug addiction. most of the kids end up being cared for by their grandparents.
Mirabel provides assistance and counselling in all sorts of ways to help the families.
the softies for mirabel project is just one way we can make a little difference and make sure these awesome kids know people care.
this year i handed in 4 softies, and i think ill probably send in some more (if all goes well)
so get on board, you dont have to be the most amazing sewer of all time, just willing to donate.


  1. What an amazing project!! I love finding out about organisations like this that not only help out our local kids, but let us do it in a crafty way. Don't get me wrong, I realise that cash donations help, but for those of us that are talented and suffering under hoards of stashed fabric can do something wonderful even though we may be light on money.

    How did you find out about this? I would love to be in the loop for projects like this in the Brisbane/Gold Coast area.


  2. hey nikki,
    i just stumbled across it last year on the meet me at mikes blog.
    your so right about donating, i find it tricky to donate cash to all the organisations i would like but when something like this comes up, im rich with handmade goodies ;)