Wednesday, November 17, 2010

softies for mirabel

after my market on saturday i popped around the corner and dropped off my 'softies for mirabel' to the ever lovely pip at 'meet me at mikes'.
its such a great idea, and pip does such a great job of collecting and displaying all the softies before they go out to awesome kids just in time for christmas.
The Mirabel Foundation is based in Melbourne, they do great work helping kids who have been orphaned or abandoned due to their Mum or Dad's drug addiction. most of the kids end up being cared for by their grandparents.
Mirabel provides assistance and counselling in all sorts of ways to help the families.
the softies for mirabel project is just one way we can make a little difference and make sure these awesome kids know people care.
this year i handed in 4 softies, and i think ill probably send in some more (if all goes well)
so get on board, you dont have to be the most amazing sewer of all time, just willing to donate.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

sale sale sale!

ive been feeling extra generous lately, so as an extension of my market special on saturday.....
i have 40% off all cards and tags in my madeit store.
and that includes christmas stock! woot!
its only for 48 hours, so untill 9am tues morning.
just mention '40% off' in the buyers comments, and ill send you an adjusted invoice.
hope your weekend was lovely
peace xxx

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

christmas pressie wish list....

i do believe i have found my christmas present...
i was initially thinking jewellery, then maybe new frypans, or kitschy homewares, but no!
this is it (if i can convince macguyver to come with me....)
john waters is touring 'looking through a glass onion' again,
john waters = win, music of john lennon = double win, night out, child free = magic!
and if not, i would love a goat!

Monday, November 8, 2010

mosquitoes DO NOT mess with me this year... im warning you!

im one of those peeps who breaks out in hives if a mosquito even looks at me from a distance,
in fact im sporting a 50 cent sized welt on my forearm from an attack last night. i very much dislike mozzies, and i very much dislike mozzie repelling products, so im in a slight pickle.
i came across this at a market i did recently, and it ROCKS!
so sayonara itchy itches this summer.
also im hitting the blackbird market this sat (13th nov) in good ol' fitzroy, so come and say hello!
ill have some super snazzy new stock especially for the chrissy markets.
peace xxx

Friday, November 5, 2010

happy birthday macgyver!

its my lovely husbands birthday today!
you may remember the guitar he received for his 30th last year.....
well the guitar now has a new VOX amp,
and its all systems go for cake baking, salad prep, house cleaning, and extra present finding today.
so happy birthday my love,
thankyou for being the lovely, hilarious, quirky, resourceful, handsome, loving, tall man that you are and enjoy making lots of noise with your new toy!
im sure he'd prefer to be out sailing
than working today too

Thursday, November 4, 2010

christmas goods ahoy!

i finally got around to listing some christmas goods on my madeit store.
theres cards, mini gift cards, tags covered on vintage fabric (yum) and some sweet little apple decorations!
everything is currently at earlybird prices, and stock is limited, this is it.
on the market front, ill be at blackbird markets next weekend (sat 13th)
and then mton racecourse sat 27th nov (twilight) and red hill 4th dec, so its all go here at little wise owl hq.