Wednesday, December 22, 2010

thank you, and you, and you!

 id like to thank everyone who has supported little wise owl over the past year, and provided me with laughs, inspiration, encouragement, and smiles.
i hope that every one of you have an absolutely brilliant christmas, surrounded by family, friends and our most loved.
while we drink eggnog, dine on scrumptious christmas dinners and open pressies, lets all take a little moment to think about those living on the streets, those desperate and willing to risk they're lives to get to our country (id like to thank the lovely cath for this post), those unable to celebrate with their family, and those who are battling illness.
as we anticipate the arrival of number 2 in the new year, i look forward to more craftyness, some new stock, a holiday (wooo!), and a few changes around the place,and hope you will all be along for the ride.
thanks a million peeps ;)
its been real!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

thats my boy!

for anyone who knows the mini man, you will understand how this pic sums him up perfectly!
he is developing the craziest sence of humour, which i must admit involves mainly jokes about poo or bums!
and dances everywhere, taking a bow at the end and waiting for the applause ;)
he's going to be the bestest big brother ever!
saturday is fast approaching as the last day for shipping out little wise owl goodies, so if you want anything for christmas, get in soon.
im happy to post next week locally via express post too.
have a grand thurday peeps ;) xxx

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

half way!

yep, halfway already!
halfway through incubating another son for macguyver and i,
halfway through creating a playmate for the mini man,
and halfway through renovating the study to become 'the boys room'
we are all suitably very chuffed, and after a good 20 weeks of insufferable nausea, im feeling human again.
this of course means that there will be a few changes around the 'hotel le owly'.
other than the obvious of downsizing my study/ sewing room (sob)
im taking some time 'off' over christmas, to relax, hang with macguyver, and be fat at the beach.
after which i will be taking this 'little wise owl' in a slightly different direction.
still the same feel, and most likely much of the same products, (plus some super fun new ones) just slower!
i certainly dont want to quit it all, just enjoy it more.
over the past couple of years, business has gone from nothing to crazy taxi in such a quick time that there have been times where i 'had' to make stock,
this i dont like!
i began this whole adventure because i LOVE to make, i LOVE to make all kinds of things, and i want to share that love with all of you.
so from here on in, there will be nothing but LOVE, more one of a kinds, more experimenting with designs, techniques, and more fun.
i hope you will all come along for the ride, and hopefully enjoy it as much as i will,
its going to be fun!
p.s as soon as this weather clears, im going to take some pics and list on madeit a couple of elf softies i have made for christmas, theyre VERY cute!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

softies for mirabel

after my market on saturday i popped around the corner and dropped off my 'softies for mirabel' to the ever lovely pip at 'meet me at mikes'.
its such a great idea, and pip does such a great job of collecting and displaying all the softies before they go out to awesome kids just in time for christmas.
The Mirabel Foundation is based in Melbourne, they do great work helping kids who have been orphaned or abandoned due to their Mum or Dad's drug addiction. most of the kids end up being cared for by their grandparents.
Mirabel provides assistance and counselling in all sorts of ways to help the families.
the softies for mirabel project is just one way we can make a little difference and make sure these awesome kids know people care.
this year i handed in 4 softies, and i think ill probably send in some more (if all goes well)
so get on board, you dont have to be the most amazing sewer of all time, just willing to donate.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

sale sale sale!

ive been feeling extra generous lately, so as an extension of my market special on saturday.....
i have 40% off all cards and tags in my madeit store.
and that includes christmas stock! woot!
its only for 48 hours, so untill 9am tues morning.
just mention '40% off' in the buyers comments, and ill send you an adjusted invoice.
hope your weekend was lovely
peace xxx

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

christmas pressie wish list....

i do believe i have found my christmas present...
i was initially thinking jewellery, then maybe new frypans, or kitschy homewares, but no!
this is it (if i can convince macguyver to come with me....)
john waters is touring 'looking through a glass onion' again,
john waters = win, music of john lennon = double win, night out, child free = magic!
and if not, i would love a goat!

Monday, November 8, 2010

mosquitoes DO NOT mess with me this year... im warning you!

im one of those peeps who breaks out in hives if a mosquito even looks at me from a distance,
in fact im sporting a 50 cent sized welt on my forearm from an attack last night. i very much dislike mozzies, and i very much dislike mozzie repelling products, so im in a slight pickle.
i came across this at a market i did recently, and it ROCKS!
so sayonara itchy itches this summer.
also im hitting the blackbird market this sat (13th nov) in good ol' fitzroy, so come and say hello!
ill have some super snazzy new stock especially for the chrissy markets.
peace xxx

Friday, November 5, 2010

happy birthday macgyver!

its my lovely husbands birthday today!
you may remember the guitar he received for his 30th last year.....
well the guitar now has a new VOX amp,
and its all systems go for cake baking, salad prep, house cleaning, and extra present finding today.
so happy birthday my love,
thankyou for being the lovely, hilarious, quirky, resourceful, handsome, loving, tall man that you are and enjoy making lots of noise with your new toy!
im sure he'd prefer to be out sailing
than working today too

Thursday, November 4, 2010

christmas goods ahoy!

i finally got around to listing some christmas goods on my madeit store.
theres cards, mini gift cards, tags covered on vintage fabric (yum) and some sweet little apple decorations!
everything is currently at earlybird prices, and stock is limited, this is it.
on the market front, ill be at blackbird markets next weekend (sat 13th)
and then mton racecourse sat 27th nov (twilight) and red hill 4th dec, so its all go here at little wise owl hq.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

beautiful handmade bits and peices giveaway

the lovely leah of vintage chenille is having a beautiful giveaway on her blog to get to 400 facebook fans.
all you need to do is join her facebook page and you are in the draw to win these beautiful cushions.
more info on her blog also

Thursday, October 28, 2010

assistance required....

ok so, i have a rather large collection of toilet paper rolls.
why? i hear you asking, well i started collecting them a couple of years back to make bon bons for christmas, which i did. great fun.
but i never stopped collecting them, i suppose i see some potential in them, i just dont know what that potential is.
so thats where you come in.
i need some ideas from you clever, crafty, peeps for what i can do with my stockpile.
sure i could make bonbons again, possibly will, but theres still so many!
so go nuts! hit me with your bestest ideas for toilet paper roll craftiness....
there might even be a little giveaway for my fav idea

Monday, October 18, 2010

no good deed goes unpunished!

dont you just hate it when someone goes out of their way to help someone else out and it bites them in the butt!
oh well, at least i know karma will sort it out!
on a lighter note i have just filled my madeit store with some delicious little softies and cute purses!
go check em out ;)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

year of the mayfly

a lovely guy a went to school with (all those years ago) has started a great blog about his pending trip to asia "Determined to live a life of adventure and true fufillment".
we lost touch when we finished school, as you do, when lives move in different ways and speeds.
'year of the mayfly' is a funny, and interesting and i think will be very inspiring.
join brodie on his adventure here

Monday, October 4, 2010

a love letter

pic courtesy of
to my darling daylight saving,
im not too sure how to say this, so ill just come out with it....
i love you for the sound of lawn mowers at 6.30 at night,
i love the way you make everyone that little bit cheerier,
i love how you give us that extra bit of outside playing time,
and the extra sunshine it takes to get the perfect product shot,
i love your promise of bbq's with great friends,
i even love the way mum tells me every year that nanna used to think you faded her curtains,
i love sharing long dawdling walks with you and my boys,
i love your outside dinners,
i love that you bring summer with you,
im not too fond of your mosquitos, but i love the way you make my garden grow,
and the smell of jasmine flowering with your arrival.
thank you daylight saving for all your loveliness,
your truely, beckie xxx

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

sweet little skirts for a sweet little girl

my neice turned 4 last week! her birthday is only a week after mine so im always really prepared with her pressies.

this year i decided to make her some skirts. after making one for lulufroufrou's skirt intervention, i decided i was onto a good thing.
so here they are, three sweet little skirts for such a sweet little girl!
they are made ENTIRELY from vintage and reclaimed materials, and i handsewed all the doilies on i know, i am a little bit crazy.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

new t-shirt for the mini man

i so often have plans to make fun clothes for roy, and somethimes it happens, mostly i run out of time!
so....inspired by the weekends 't-shirt weather', i made this,
he loves it and would wear it everyday if he could! i have a million more plain t-shirts ill eventually get around to making fun, but for now this is it!
oh ive been making some beautiful little skirts from vintage florals for my neice, but ill wait till after her bday so as to not spoil the surprise. till next time, xxx

Friday, August 20, 2010

your vote's important!

i despise election time,
all the "he said", "she said", and baby kissing, it just not my cuppa tea.
i would really like to be passionate about our future prime minister, be comfortable in knowing they will put their neck on the line to do what is right for our country, environment, and us peeps.
alas, i think im dreaming!
anyhow, dont forget to vote tomorrow, whomever you decide to vote for, wherever your preferences lie, make it count!
and while on the topic of voting... the lovely, hilarious,clever bec from little shop of handmade is in the running for the leader newspapers 'melbourne favourites' go here to vote!
peace xxx

pic courtesy of

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


its that time of year, where i get all ants in my fishermans pants, and start thinking of a long weekend in the country.
hmmm preferably around the 10th - 12th of december, not too big a drive but far away enough to stay the night, byo, no dickheads, fab music?
oh yesiree peeps it nearly meredith time!
for anyone out there who goes, i need not preach to the converted, for those who have NO IDEA what you are missing!
the meredith music festival is one of our few holidays of the year, and as soon we drive out the gates on the sunday im looking forward to the next one.
this will be the mini mans 3rd meredith, yep 3 1/2  and nearly a veteran.
highlights from last year include him staying up especially to see jarvis cocker, and attempting to mow nearly the entire festival site.
this year is a bit extra special... for starters its the 20th anniversary, (our 9th) and also
oh yes, im 'peeing my pants' excited.
the dirty three are amazing to say the least, but at meredith....unbelievable! (people who were there for the electrical storm will know what i mean)
so cross your fingers and toes, and anything else you can to make sure we get offered tickets in the ballot.
let the countdown begin!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

man baking

i have the grandest husband in the galaxy!
not only for the convenience of his great height, his cleverness with fixing the unfixable,our shared love of recycling stuffs, and his incredibly humorous interpretive dance that usually shows itself when asking me a question.
but because he bakes! and well, very well i must add!
last market, i was soo looking forward to devonshire tea but never got around to getting some so......
upon calling said 'grand husband' at completion of the market to see if there was anything i needed to get on the way home, he replyed with ' yes, some cream! thick cream'
and this little baking fad didnt, and hasnt worn off either.
after spending a whole day out galavanting in the city and to ikea i got home (albeit very late) to a delicious chocolate cake, yay!
and i caught him reading my nigella lawson bible of cookerey, not just looking up a recipie, but reading through it!
ah, what a man.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

it aint over till its over

yep its true..... mixtape is calling it quits, hanging up the gloves, going out on a high!
the uber cool little zine of crafty indie fun will be wrapping up with its october issue so theres still a chance for you to get a couple of issues.
im all a bit sad, i love mixtape and all its about, but im looking forward to seeing what justine has instore for 2011.
you can find all the mixtapey goodness here

Friday, July 30, 2010

friday on my mind

it is an unbelievably glorious day here!
weve just been to 'creative movement' and it was a blast, the mini man had a ball! his favourite thing was definately the ribbons on sticks...winner!
with this beautiful weather continuing im beginning to think of spring and all 
the loveliness that comes with this time of year, so i thought id share some of my newest favourite spring inspired items on madeit 
       marelle           cate holst         michvanetta       lulufroufrou
have a grand weekend everyone! ill be preparing for next weekends market at mornington racecourse and hitting the MIFF


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

im baaaack! and with a new flashy look blog

ok so ive been a little quiet lately....
its been busy busy beavers here at the chateau owly, wholesale orders coming in thick and fast, market prep, and call me crazy but im painting the house!
yep, painting.
honestly i really enjoy it, as long as all the sanding/ filling/ phaffing about is done prior to me opening the tin of paint.
but this time round i have a 3yr old helper! interesting times here.
he is quite a good apprentice, he has a mini roller and works the bottom half of the wall while i do the top, and then i run over his part as i finish. im really chuffed that a potentially frustrating and tedious task is oh so simply fixed with a 'special roller'.
for anyone who doesnt know our house, we have candy striped feature walls, and whilst i know they look fab they have been slowly driving me a bit batty over the pat 4 or so years.
so they will be no more, all my walls shall be as one! (well except one little wall in the lounge that i loooove)
we are switzerland! as neutral as you can get, and it feels really nice, relaxing, like a big breath out.
oh the mini man and i are starting 'creative movement' classes on fridays! im super pumped and i hope he is too, first one is tomorrow, ill keep you posted!
blogspot isnt letting me upload pics at the moment, so ill leave you with a link instead.....
on sunday mayself and the gorgeous linda from lulufroufrou (and giver of the lovely sunshine award) are hitting the MIFF, to see 'making it handmade'
check it out, it looks great!
ok till next time,
peace xxx

Thursday, June 24, 2010

blog giveaway!!

ok so its time!
the blog giveaway is now!
heres the deal.... ill be giving away 3 packs consisting of a coin purse, brooch, and notepad. all you need to do is sign up as a facebook fan and either comment here or on the facebook page to enter.
to make it fun, you will need to tell me your favourite music to craft/ create to!
once again im having trouble uploading pics, so head over to the facebook page this arvo to see the prizes.
peace! ;)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

blog giveaway landing soon!

ive been feeling mighty generous of late, and i havent done a good giveaway for a while, sooooo..... tomorrow ill be revealing my big blog giveaway!
there will be a few prizes, you will need to be a facebook fan to enter, so head over to little wise owl on facebook and 'like' away!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

something fishy going on

this weekend marked the annual trip to macclesfield to get our trout.
around this time of year for the past 3, we have made the beautiful trip up past emerald to macclesfield to the macclesfield trout farm. we dont go to fish, rather to a) amuse roy, and b)to get some fingerlings for the aquaponics set up.
this year was a corker! they were emptying one of the ponds, so roy got to see some fresh water crays, a huge salmon, and an eel. fun all round!
our aquaponics project has looked rather dismal of late, overgrown foxglove, a random capsicum, and the remnants of my heritage pin cushion flower that went to seed.
i think we were still mourning some major fatalities of the trout variety whilst away on christmas holidays and we let it go a bit.
but we are back on board, 20 or so happy little fish, two cranky yabbies, and four beautiful grow beds just waiting to be planted in.
thinking maybe some lettuce, definately some broccoli, and i want to try something different, maybe kale?
p.s i had some beautiful pics of the trout and roy helping but damn blogger wont let me upload pic at the mo. :(

Friday, June 4, 2010

ok its craft swap time again!

ok, its time for another craft swap methinks!
so im organising one over at the contemporary handmade alliance blog so head over and sign up!
registration closes 14th june, and send out date is 30th june!
cheers lovely peeps! have a grand weekend!
oh p.s for any of you who are fans of my facebook page, and for those of you who arent (why? lol)
i have finally gotten around to starting a new page with the right name! if only facebook would let you change the page name :(
head along little wise owl on facebook to become a fan!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

funny people

i have developed a recent love of funny people! luckily for me dave is the funniest person of all, so that makes my new found fascination quite convenient.
maybe im ovulating, im sure i read somewhere that a majority of women are attracted to artsy/funny people at that time as opposed to serious/business minded people the other 3 or so weeks of the month.
hmmm, anyhow, my fondness has been directed mainly at seth rogenyes of superbad, funny people, 40 yr old virgin etc etc etc. tubby or not, hes one attractive man, maybe its the jew-fro? i have always loved a jew-fro......
and johnny galecky well more 'dr leonard hofstader' from big bang theory.
not sure what it is, after all humour is sexy, isnt it?
who are your favourite funny/sexy people?
peace out! xxx

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

neil young, breakdancing, and craft swaps

roy loves helping me make dinner. one of my many steps in making him a fully domesticated future husband for a very lucky gal, or guy out there.
but last night something was amiss! he didnt want to help chop the broccoli, or beans, or help set the table! you see there was far more important matters to address.
neil young and breakdancing! yep together!
obvious really, i often think about throwing down a cardboard box and cutting loose when i hear 'heart of gold'.
he was having THE BEST time and we were both very proud parents to add neil young to his plethora of favourite music (which includes jarvis cocker, elliot smith, hole, and jet).
So we convinced him to come and sit to have dinner and all was good with the world, but then "mamma, roys not happy" complete with head in hands resting on the table and a rather large sigh.
confused i asked what he had said, "roys not happy mamma, not happy" again with the sigh.
"why arent you happy my love?" i asked why dave tried to contain himself
"roy wants to go over to the lovely music, and do more dancing" with another sigh
ah thats my boy!
and on another unrelated note, im considering another craft swap. send out approx 1st july, whos interested?
cheers lovely peeps! peace xxx

Friday, May 14, 2010

get on board!

brainchild of the fabulously clever tania from chicken ink creative,
'the contemporary handmade alliance' is the craftiest thing since sliced bread, well maybe rotary cutters?!
a one stop place for all things craft, handmade, and small business related.
the aim is
to provide the contemporary crafting community of australia with a place for shared info, support, and networking opportunities.
so come on peeps, get on board!
ill be contributing on a regular basis with all the books, zines, and blogs we love as clever crafters!
peace! xxx

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

mamas day pressies!

please bear witness to THE most awesome mothers day pressies ever!
yes thats right, vintage, teapot shaped salt and pepper shakers!....
and a beautiful jade ring, but those s&p shakers (swoon)
may i add that they came complete with vintage salt and pepper inside and you can just make out 'lakes entrance, vic' on the top!
oh my! my husband continually amazes me with his awesomeness.
p.s the lady in the antique shop that dave bought them from described them as 'unique'

Friday, April 30, 2010

secret crush

other than my many not so secret crushes (dexter morgan, tim rogers, jarvis cocker, etc, etc)
i have all but a few secret crushes that for my own good probably shouldnt be aired.
number one is.......james may.
yep thats right, 'captain slow' from top gear.
im not sure exactly what it is....... sure the unkept hair is a winner!
he likes wine,
maybe its just that hes 47 and british, (see jarvis cocker)
anyhow it works out great, my betrothed and i get to happily watch top gear together.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

pin cushion swap

oh my! i received the greatest pin cushion swap today.
a sweet little 70's milk jug pin cushion AND matching 'sugar bowl'
a HUGE thank you to simone from knitababy xxx
im going to be swooning over it for days!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

meet mick, keef, and their groupies

my well loved fish finally got a well deserved tank clean out!
and yes that is some fetching vintage print in the background ;)
if you're wondering keef is the 'robust nothing could kill him' one, mick is the show off with the fancy tail, and the goldfish are the groupies.

Monday, April 19, 2010


today im a bit mighty excited!
just been down and got cleo, for the first time in about 15 yrs. not for the 'never fail bedroom moves', or the 'epic sex guide' but for pg 32..
my 'eat sleep sew' cross stitch made it in to the '10 hottest online buys' feature.
yay, no double yay!
now to see what becomes of it........
not sure if cleo readers are reclaimed/ vintage/ cross stitch loving, indie handmade buying peeps?
anyhoo, heres the pic

Saturday, April 17, 2010


the wonderful peeps at triple r are having their annual 'april amnesty' for all you listeners whose subscription has lasped (im a little guilty!) OR for those triple r listeners who arent subscribers.
theres heaps of fun prizes, and you will have a warm fuzzy feeling about contributing to your favourite radio station.
so come on freeloaders, pledge your allegiance to your favourite station!
find all you need here
peace! ;)

Monday, April 12, 2010

craft swap send out day!

yay! the day has finally arrived, post out day for our craft swap goodies! lucky its a grey ol melbourne day and ill have time to put the finishing touches on mine.
let me know what you each receive in the coming days, you can post them as fan photos on my facebook page if you like then we can all check them out!
peace! ;)

Friday, April 9, 2010

friday favs

i just dont have the time to make myself a new purse, so i think ill order one of these in an owl print
find it here

oh betsy your so cute! and i love the vintage patchwork!
find it here

i would love this chair if only i had the room and the dollars!
find it here

oh this neckpiece is beautiful, it reminds me of coral
(they are all rolled up zippers!)
find it here

have a great weekend peeps! and if your around the fitzroy area on sat pop into the blackbird market at the workers club and say hi! PEACE

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

hmk giveaway!

handmade kids are having an amazing 'haby goddess' giveaway on their blog, just leave a comment to enter, and entries close tomorrow night! good luck to all, my fingers are all crossed!
enter here

Saturday, April 3, 2010

roys 'whats in the fruitbowl?' cake

i thought id share a favourite recipe of ours, its been fiddled with over time, and is a weekly visitor of late.
the fruit component can be changed, ive used apricots, raspberries, pawpaw, mango ect ect
(its dairy free but by all means substitute soy for cows milk and oil for melted butter)

2 bananas, as ripe and mushy as possible
1 cup of strawberries halved
one grated apple
100ml vegie oil
2 eggs
1/2 cup of sugar, or honey
2 cups s/r flour
1/2 cup soy milk
dash of vanilla essence

combine all the fruit with the wet ingredients, add the flour (sifted), and sugar.
mix well and place in a well greased cake pan, or a magical 'no need to grease' silicon one
bake at 180 for about 40 mins or untill golden on top.
great with some cream cheese icing, or as a loaf, sliced with a bit of butter.
let me know if you make it and what you think
peace ;)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

craft swap update

hello my wonderful, and loyal blog followers!
how would we feel about an extension to the craft swap send out date?
i know im crazy busy, and am sure you guys are too.
im open to suggestions..........say 12th april?
or leave it? you tell me!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

craft swap update

ok the craft swap is coming along swimmingly!
you need to make one medium sized craft item to send to your swap partner. it can be anything that you like, enjoy making etc etc.
ive decided that our first theme will be 'RETRO', so interpret as you wish!
so far we have on board linda from lulufroufrou,
tania from chickenink,
mel from mel makes pretty,
im extending the sign up date to the 17th march and send out date still sits at 31st march.
if you would like to sign up, send me an email to, with your postal address and ill start hooking swap partners up. ;)
AND jaqueline from zippy zippy,
and narelle from at the bench with narelle
also caryn over at smooch designs

Monday, March 1, 2010

lets share some crafty love!

ok so this is what im thinking!
i love getting fun things in the mail, and i love making fun things for other people. i figure there are a few other people out there who share this love, so my thought was to have a monthly craft swap! people sign up for the given month via this blog, i swap all the names around and contact you with your 'swap partner' and voila! craftly love all over the country!
i was thinking one medium craft item per swap, and maybe a theme for each swap! oooh exciting!
so whos in for march?? send out date is last day of the month (march 31st) and lets say cut off date to sign up is.......14th march.
cool, now to think of a theme......any suggestions?
and sorry, i should have added the swap was for completed items. ;)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

calling all melbourne madeit sellers!

yesterday i caught up with the ever lovely and wonderful girlies linda, and tania from lulufroufrou, and chicken ink. we had such fun that we thought we should have a bigger better get together with even more crafty madeit peeps! so if your around melbourne, or can get to melbourne, i think we are working on the week beg 5th april, but head over to tanias facebook page to keep updated on all the catch up goss!
wooo, this will be fun!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

the epiphany....

i have decided to stop dying my hair.
being one who has dyed their hair every colour under the sun (i kid you not, i distinctly remember a bleached blonde and aqua green dredded stage) for the past 15 years this isnt a decision i have taken lightly.
ok, well it is, i literally woke up the other day and thought 'you know what would be fun?.... letting all those greys shine though!'
so here begins the somewhat awkward process.
i have ALOT of grey hair, and coming up to 30 this year i figure i should be able to pull it off for a while.
you see, i really dislike my natural hair colour, at the moment im dying it a auburn red with black fringe, but with all the grey, theres not much of that colour i despise so much.
so here goes nothing, come along with me its going to be a wild ride!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

thats 'mrs wee wee feet' to you!

i love toilet training! its the bane of my existence!
yesterday whilst sewing happily, minding my own business, i heard the rather worrying sound of liquid falling from a height!
i rushed to the loungeroom to see what roy was trying to 'wash', only to find him at his potty standing up to wee. i moved in to congratulate him on a job well done when he turned to see me, weeing apparatus in hand and proceeded to wee all over my foot whilst giggling excitedly!
after the cleanup i resumed my sewing only to have roy come in every 30 seconds to point and proclaim "mamas got wee wee feet!" and run away with the same excited giggle.
ah kids! oh to have their lifestyle!
so we are making gingerbread men today, straight from the maisy mouse almanac of cookery. im sure it wont just be gingerbread men, probably bears, aeroplanes, tractors, dinosaurs and anything else that takes roys fancy.
till next time,

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

whos a busy beaver?

it feels like christmas was a million years ago! what a crazy whirlwind of a january i have had so far!
being fairly new to this ' make stuff and sell it ' thing, im a little blown away by the past few months!
so needless to say im a busy busy beaver! this week ive been trying! my very hardest to get some new 2010 stock up on madeit, some diarys, cross stitches (more on them later), and new funky snuggly bears coming soon. also trying to restock all the old favourites, (babushkas, snap purses ect ect)
i sent some cross stitches off to cleo for a shoot, cant wait to see them in print!
gearing up for the feb blackbird market at the workers club,
waiting to hear back from vic markets to see if they have a space for me at mornington or red hill,
tossing around some ideas for a new tattoo sometime in the near future,
preparing myself for the prospect of turning 30! ( im really looking forward to it!)
and we had our 6th wedding anniversary! 6 years! i cant believe it, time certainly does fly when you're having fun!
so my question is......
what are your ideas for 2010? any grand plans, trips of a lifetime, personal goals?
peace! ;)