Wednesday, July 28, 2010

im baaaack! and with a new flashy look blog

ok so ive been a little quiet lately....
its been busy busy beavers here at the chateau owly, wholesale orders coming in thick and fast, market prep, and call me crazy but im painting the house!
yep, painting.
honestly i really enjoy it, as long as all the sanding/ filling/ phaffing about is done prior to me opening the tin of paint.
but this time round i have a 3yr old helper! interesting times here.
he is quite a good apprentice, he has a mini roller and works the bottom half of the wall while i do the top, and then i run over his part as i finish. im really chuffed that a potentially frustrating and tedious task is oh so simply fixed with a 'special roller'.
for anyone who doesnt know our house, we have candy striped feature walls, and whilst i know they look fab they have been slowly driving me a bit batty over the pat 4 or so years.
so they will be no more, all my walls shall be as one! (well except one little wall in the lounge that i loooove)
we are switzerland! as neutral as you can get, and it feels really nice, relaxing, like a big breath out.
oh the mini man and i are starting 'creative movement' classes on fridays! im super pumped and i hope he is too, first one is tomorrow, ill keep you posted!
blogspot isnt letting me upload pics at the moment, so ill leave you with a link instead.....
on sunday mayself and the gorgeous linda from lulufroufrou (and giver of the lovely sunshine award) are hitting the MIFF, to see 'making it handmade'
check it out, it looks great!
ok till next time,
peace xxx


  1. Love the new bloggity blog - looking forward to Sunday!!

  2. Welcome back - we've been worried sick