Tuesday, August 31, 2010

new t-shirt for the mini man

i so often have plans to make fun clothes for roy, and somethimes it happens, mostly i run out of time!
so....inspired by the weekends 't-shirt weather', i made this,
he loves it and would wear it everyday if he could! i have a million more plain t-shirts ill eventually get around to making fun, but for now this is it!
oh ive been making some beautiful little skirts from vintage florals for my neice, but ill wait till after her bday so as to not spoil the surprise. till next time, xxx

Friday, August 20, 2010

your vote's important!

i despise election time,
all the "he said", "she said", and baby kissing, it just not my cuppa tea.
i would really like to be passionate about our future prime minister, be comfortable in knowing they will put their neck on the line to do what is right for our country, environment, and us peeps.
alas, i think im dreaming!
anyhow, dont forget to vote tomorrow, whomever you decide to vote for, wherever your preferences lie, make it count!
and while on the topic of voting... the lovely, hilarious,clever bec from little shop of handmade is in the running for the leader newspapers 'melbourne favourites' go here to vote!
peace xxx

pic courtesy of  blogs.sfweekly.com

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


its that time of year, where i get all ants in my fishermans pants, and start thinking of a long weekend in the country.
hmmm preferably around the 10th - 12th of december, not too big a drive but far away enough to stay the night, byo, no dickheads, fab music?
oh yesiree peeps it nearly meredith time!
for anyone out there who goes, i need not preach to the converted, for those who dont.....you have NO IDEA what you are missing!
the meredith music festival is one of our few holidays of the year, and as soon we drive out the gates on the sunday im looking forward to the next one.
this will be the mini mans 3rd meredith, yep 3 1/2  and nearly a veteran.
highlights from last year include him staying up especially to see jarvis cocker, and attempting to mow nearly the entire festival site.
this year is a bit extra special... for starters its the 20th anniversary, (our 9th) and also
oh yes, im 'peeing my pants' excited.
the dirty three are amazing to say the least, but at meredith....unbelievable! (people who were there for the electrical storm will know what i mean)
so cross your fingers and toes, and anything else you can to make sure we get offered tickets in the ballot.
let the countdown begin!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

man baking

i have the grandest husband in the galaxy!
not only for the convenience of his great height, his cleverness with fixing the unfixable,our shared love of recycling stuffs, and his incredibly humorous interpretive dance that usually shows itself when asking me a question.
but because he bakes! and well, very well i must add!
last market, i was soo looking forward to devonshire tea but never got around to getting some so......
upon calling said 'grand husband' at completion of the market to see if there was anything i needed to get on the way home, he replyed with ' yes, some cream! thick cream'
and this little baking fad didnt, and hasnt worn off either.
after spending a whole day out galavanting in the city and to ikea i got home (albeit very late) to a delicious chocolate cake, yay!
and i caught him reading my nigella lawson bible of cookerey, not just looking up a recipie, but reading through it!
ah, what a man.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

it aint over till its over

yep its true..... mixtape is calling it quits, hanging up the gloves, going out on a high!
the uber cool little zine of crafty indie fun will be wrapping up with its october issue so theres still a chance for you to get a couple of issues.
im all a bit sad, i love mixtape and all its about, but im looking forward to seeing what justine has instore for 2011.
you can find all the mixtapey goodness here