Saturday, August 7, 2010

man baking

i have the grandest husband in the galaxy!
not only for the convenience of his great height, his cleverness with fixing the unfixable,our shared love of recycling stuffs, and his incredibly humorous interpretive dance that usually shows itself when asking me a question.
but because he bakes! and well, very well i must add!
last market, i was soo looking forward to devonshire tea but never got around to getting some so......
upon calling said 'grand husband' at completion of the market to see if there was anything i needed to get on the way home, he replyed with ' yes, some cream! thick cream'
and this little baking fad didnt, and hasnt worn off either.
after spending a whole day out galavanting in the city and to ikea i got home (albeit very late) to a delicious chocolate cake, yay!
and i caught him reading my nigella lawson bible of cookerey, not just looking up a recipie, but reading through it!
ah, what a man.


  1. women everywhere are reading this and silently wishing their husbands were just a little bit like yours ;)

  2. He certainly is one of the grandest men ever. And he's handsome and gives great hugs.


  3. I too have a man that cooks and I think i love him just that little bit extra for making the yummiest south American food any of our friends have ever tasted. Right now he is cooking a huge omelet and it smells Devine. One day i may come home to chocolate cake and scones but for now a secret stash of chocolate which appears after the kids are in bed is good enough for me...hehehe.