Thursday, February 4, 2010

thats 'mrs wee wee feet' to you!

i love toilet training! its the bane of my existence!
yesterday whilst sewing happily, minding my own business, i heard the rather worrying sound of liquid falling from a height!
i rushed to the loungeroom to see what roy was trying to 'wash', only to find him at his potty standing up to wee. i moved in to congratulate him on a job well done when he turned to see me, weeing apparatus in hand and proceeded to wee all over my foot whilst giggling excitedly!
after the cleanup i resumed my sewing only to have roy come in every 30 seconds to point and proclaim "mamas got wee wee feet!" and run away with the same excited giggle.
ah kids! oh to have their lifestyle!
so we are making gingerbread men today, straight from the maisy mouse almanac of cookery. im sure it wont just be gingerbread men, probably bears, aeroplanes, tractors, dinosaurs and anything else that takes roys fancy.
till next time,


  1. We are going through toilet training as well but Koby doesn't quite get it yet. Sits on the toilet for a couple of minutes and as soons he hops off he then wees everywhere, it doesn't matter if we sat on the toilet for one minute or ten, same thing everytime. I have decided to put nappies on him a little longer because I am sooo over the wee.
    Anyhoo, can you email me and I'll send you those buttons. Thanks, Mel

  2. Ha ha - hilarious! He's a legend. Haven't seen him for AGES - I miss him.