Thursday, February 18, 2010

the epiphany....

i have decided to stop dying my hair.
being one who has dyed their hair every colour under the sun (i kid you not, i distinctly remember a bleached blonde and aqua green dredded stage) for the past 15 years this isnt a decision i have taken lightly.
ok, well it is, i literally woke up the other day and thought 'you know what would be fun?.... letting all those greys shine though!'
so here begins the somewhat awkward process.
i have ALOT of grey hair, and coming up to 30 this year i figure i should be able to pull it off for a while.
you see, i really dislike my natural hair colour, at the moment im dying it a auburn red with black fringe, but with all the grey, theres not much of that colour i despise so much.
so here goes nothing, come along with me its going to be a wild ride!


  1. You brave lady you! I thought I should do it too...but when my daughter told me I was getting silver hair, I cracked, and dyed it! Drat!

  2. i should have added that i have a wedding coming up, and its highly likely that ill cave in the day before, but lets hope not. it could be a liberating experience! lol

  3. Grey's in fashion at the moment!! I'm with you not a big fan of my natural colour but I'm getting sick and tired of colouring it plus it's so expensive. I'm 37 with about 5% greys I'm always at the mirror plucking the most visible ones.

  4. My grandmother never dyed her hair (that I know of) and she's had a beautiful grey head of hair ever since I can remember.