Tuesday, January 19, 2010

whos a busy beaver?

it feels like christmas was a million years ago! what a crazy whirlwind of a january i have had so far!
being fairly new to this ' make stuff and sell it ' thing, im a little blown away by the past few months!
so needless to say im a busy busy beaver! this week ive been trying! my very hardest to get some new 2010 stock up on madeit, some diarys, cross stitches (more on them later), and new funky snuggly bears coming soon. also trying to restock all the old favourites, (babushkas, snap purses ect ect)
i sent some cross stitches off to cleo for a shoot, cant wait to see them in print!
gearing up for the feb blackbird market at the workers club,
waiting to hear back from vic markets to see if they have a space for me at mornington or red hill,
tossing around some ideas for a new tattoo sometime in the near future,
preparing myself for the prospect of turning 30! ( im really looking forward to it!)
and we had our 6th wedding anniversary! 6 years! i cant believe it, time certainly does fly when you're having fun!
so my question is......
what are your ideas for 2010? any grand plans, trips of a lifetime, personal goals?
peace! ;)

1 comment:

  1. i love your 'eat sleep sew'.
    hmm, personal goals - i guess refocus on craft, and take a holiday to sabah or somewhere later in the year are my main wishlist things!

    I enjoy your blog so have nominated you for the lemonade Stand award . .

    Have a great week!