Friday, April 30, 2010

secret crush

other than my many not so secret crushes (dexter morgan, tim rogers, jarvis cocker, etc, etc)
i have all but a few secret crushes that for my own good probably shouldnt be aired.
number one is.......james may.
yep thats right, 'captain slow' from top gear.
im not sure exactly what it is....... sure the unkept hair is a winner!
he likes wine,
maybe its just that hes 47 and british, (see jarvis cocker)
anyhow it works out great, my betrothed and i get to happily watch top gear together.


  1. I love James May no idea why! and I have a little crush well maybe not so little on Jimmy Giggles too

  2. Oh that's so funny because my secret crush is on Richard Hammond!
    I'm not usually into cars, so my husband still is not sure why I love watching Top Gear so much!

  3. ooh i have been loving watching the wine and toy shows he is in!

    Also to let you know, I've just nominated you for the Circle of Friends Award on my blog. x sarah