Wednesday, June 9, 2010

something fishy going on

this weekend marked the annual trip to macclesfield to get our trout.
around this time of year for the past 3, we have made the beautiful trip up past emerald to macclesfield to the macclesfield trout farm. we dont go to fish, rather to a) amuse roy, and b)to get some fingerlings for the aquaponics set up.
this year was a corker! they were emptying one of the ponds, so roy got to see some fresh water crays, a huge salmon, and an eel. fun all round!
our aquaponics project has looked rather dismal of late, overgrown foxglove, a random capsicum, and the remnants of my heritage pin cushion flower that went to seed.
i think we were still mourning some major fatalities of the trout variety whilst away on christmas holidays and we let it go a bit.
but we are back on board, 20 or so happy little fish, two cranky yabbies, and four beautiful grow beds just waiting to be planted in.
thinking maybe some lettuce, definately some broccoli, and i want to try something different, maybe kale?
p.s i had some beautiful pics of the trout and roy helping but damn blogger wont let me upload pic at the mo. :(

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