Wednesday, May 19, 2010

neil young, breakdancing, and craft swaps

roy loves helping me make dinner. one of my many steps in making him a fully domesticated future husband for a very lucky gal, or guy out there.
but last night something was amiss! he didnt want to help chop the broccoli, or beans, or help set the table! you see there was far more important matters to address.
neil young and breakdancing! yep together!
obvious really, i often think about throwing down a cardboard box and cutting loose when i hear 'heart of gold'.
he was having THE BEST time and we were both very proud parents to add neil young to his plethora of favourite music (which includes jarvis cocker, elliot smith, hole, and jet).
So we convinced him to come and sit to have dinner and all was good with the world, but then "mamma, roys not happy" complete with head in hands resting on the table and a rather large sigh.
confused i asked what he had said, "roys not happy mamma, not happy" again with the sigh.
"why arent you happy my love?" i asked why dave tried to contain himself
"roy wants to go over to the lovely music, and do more dancing" with another sigh
ah thats my boy!
and on another unrelated note, im considering another craft swap. send out approx 1st july, whos interested?
cheers lovely peeps! peace xxx


  1. Oh, I love him. Can't wait to see him soon.

    Love the "or guy" inclusion.

  2. Love it!! I missed the last craft swap would definately be interested :)

  3. Ooo me!
    I'll be in another crafty-goodness-swap.
    (I promise to be on time!)

  4. I'll be in a crafty swap. I do love a good swap!.

  5. Hi Bec, Love Heart of Gold! & Old Man! & & & .
    You stirred up some memories for this old girl, Thanks. What does your 'Crafty Swap' consist of?