Tuesday, May 25, 2010

funny people

i have developed a recent love of funny people! luckily for me dave is the funniest person of all, so that makes my new found fascination quite convenient.
maybe im ovulating, im sure i read somewhere that a majority of women are attracted to artsy/funny people at that time as opposed to serious/business minded people the other 3 or so weeks of the month.
hmmm, anyhow, my fondness has been directed mainly at seth rogenyes of superbad, funny people, 40 yr old virgin etc etc etc. tubby or not, hes one attractive man, maybe its the jew-fro? i have always loved a jew-fro......
and johnny galecky well more 'dr leonard hofstader' from big bang theory.
not sure what it is, after all humour is sexy, isnt it?
who are your favourite funny/sexy people?
peace out! xxx

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