Monday, March 1, 2010

lets share some crafty love!

ok so this is what im thinking!
i love getting fun things in the mail, and i love making fun things for other people. i figure there are a few other people out there who share this love, so my thought was to have a monthly craft swap! people sign up for the given month via this blog, i swap all the names around and contact you with your 'swap partner' and voila! craftly love all over the country!
i was thinking one medium craft item per swap, and maybe a theme for each swap! oooh exciting!
so whos in for march?? send out date is last day of the month (march 31st) and lets say cut off date to sign up is.......14th march.
cool, now to think of a theme......any suggestions?
and sorry, i should have added the swap was for completed items. ;)


  1. Is this to swap materials or a completed item?

    I was hoping to start up a craft mystery box round robin (I cant remember the eact term)... where a group of us swap items. eg I fill the box with items from my stash and send it to the next perosn... they take out what they want and put something they dont want back in and pass it on until it ends up back at the first person's house. You keep a loits of whateverbody has added.

    another one i came across is someone starts a project and passes it on and then the next person adds to it until it is sent back - these were auctioned off for charity :)

  2. Ohhh I love the above idea!

    Yes I was wondering if you intend for us to swap materials or completed items too!

  3. I love this idea! Definately count me in.
    What about we start with something kind of easy like a pin cushion swap getting ideas from our swap partner's blog, ETC. That way if people didn't sew they could still knit/ crochet and be involved.
    Let me know if you want any help with organising :)
    p.s how is the dress coming along?

  4. sorry guys! i should have been more specific, completed items please.
    and mel- im working on my dress as we speak, a few changes from my original idea, but still hot! (hopefully?!?)

  5. I'd love to be part of a swap - it sounds like fun!