Thursday, February 10, 2011

birthday parties ahoy!

find this cake here
my sweet little mini man got his VERY FIRST birthday party invitation yesterday!
so off we go on sunday to eat sausage rolls and fairy bread no doubt.
he was very good helping me pick a present, and has already decided that his 'mr tickle' shirt would be suitable attire ;)
teamed with the beginnings of the birthday party circut, he starts kinder this week!
double yay!
at orientation he didnt want to leave, and has informed me that i didnt need to stay with him this time, he's ok all by himself..... (well thats debatable)
the crafty side of life has been seriously neglected of late, with all my crafty goodness still packed up waiting for my new study/ nursery, im starting to struggle.
i have managed to make an overnight bag from a beautiful melly and me pattern, i havent put the base in yet, so ill share a pic when its all kosher.
And today im off to TRY and find some curtain fabric, i really hate buying new fabric, i just cant manage to find enough reclaimed/ vintage fabric to cover to windows, hmmm........
ok thats it for now lovelies, have a grand rest of the week xxx

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