Monday, September 7, 2009


what more can i say? i really love and appreciate tea! all sorts, anytime, any occasion.
i especially love earl grey, and chai. i have recently got onto this 'tease tea', they are at my local market,(CONVENIENT!) and they have great blends. along with all the standards, earl grey, chai, green, ect ect, they have a chilli tea, which is black tea blended with chilli, cinnamon cloves and other fun things. it is amazing! not burny burny hot, just a bit of a kick! and fantastic for relieving any sinus congestion.... so tea lovers unite! and enjoy one of your favourite blends today!
p.s is there an international tea lovers day? there should be!
xxx i love you tea xxx

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  1. I love market tea too. I was never into tea, until I lived and worked in the UK 3 years ago...funny that. All they do is drink tea over there and of course talk about the weather. I am particularly fond of 'Traditional Afternoon' tea.