Wednesday, September 9, 2009

impatience....huh! what is it good for? absolutely nothing!

today i found myself getting really frustrated at mum, who was so overly impatient even Roy was getting anxious.
first it started in the supermarket, which i avoid at all costs! some renovations had been happening of late and it drove mum insane that her longlife milk wasnt in the same spot it was a fortnight ago.
then i had to get fuel! due to our wonderful pack mentality, everyone within koowee of me had decided to fill up the exact same time as us. i was quite happy playing 'i spy' with roy, but mum was twiddling her thumbs, checking her watch every 30 seconds, and tapping her feet impatiently.
so on the way home we have to pass a school, which i quite enjoy. roy loves to watch all the 'big kids' on their bikes and scooters, and waves to them as if he knows them all REALLY well. but mum asked me a)what on earth the hold up was, and b) if there was any other way we could go. so i turned the car around and went a good 3km out of our way so she didnt have to sit and wait for the kids to cross the road.
i have all the time in the world, im never in a hurry, and i suppose mum had somewhere secret she needed to be?
i wonder if i can impose a 'NO IMPATIENCE' zone in my house/car/personal space?
hmmmm i wonder?

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