Monday, November 9, 2009

oh meredith! how i love thee!

my wonderful trusty and ever so friendly postman delivered my much anticipated MEREDITH MUSIC FESTIVAL TICKETS!!!! today!
i am so far beyond excited, that im having trouble containing it!
you see meredith is most often than not, our only holiday for the year. a situation which i am more than comfortable with, and look forward to from the moment we leave the year before.
meredith is also the happiest place on earth (not disneyland, despite popular belief)
but last year i didnt quite get my fill, due to CRAZY weather, (i mean flooding, torrential rain, freezing temps, collapsed tent and a 18month old boy to boot) im ashamed to say we piked early!
so this year im super organised! we are taking daves sisters camper, and ive promised to pack sensible clothing. (dresses and thongs didnt quite cut it last year!)
this will be our 8th meredith and roys 2nd, it has changed slightly since our first dabble in 2000, but still has the same charms, hari chrishna food, fantastic lineup and kick arse chai that it did way back when i was younger, thinner, more naive, and less motherly.
so heres to you meredith! only 29 more sleeps till we meet again, just like alan alda and ellen burstyn in 'same time next year' we will have a grand, passionate, fun filled weekend!
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