Wednesday, January 19, 2011

guantanamo, renovating, and hatching dinosaurs.

well its been a long time between drinks hey?
i have been super busy despite having ALL my crafty goodness packed up! eeeek!
you see we were off on a well earned and appreciated beach holiday straight after christmas, macguyver sailed his boat like there was no tomorrow, while the mini man and i did a whole lot of sandcastle building, swimming, crab hunting, and dinosaur hatching (we bought this awesome 'egg' that you submerse in water and slowly a a little baby dinosaur 'hatches' out. days of fun!).
i took 'guantanamo' by david hicks to read while we were away, its taken me a bit longer than i had thought to get through mainly because its so very thorough, and really emotionally draining.
has anyone else read it? id love to hear your thoughts!
well we are back home and have just finished renovating our old study to become the mini mans new big boys room, and now its full steam ahead at transforming his old room into a nursery/ study, for the pending baby brother.
so while the crafting is on the back burner at the moment peeps, im far from quiet.
i donated some goods to the handmade kids and rudy and the dodo flood relief auction with great success! overall the austion raised in excess of $14,000 and my owls and purse raised $120, yay!
i hope you are all well and had a fab christmas break!

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