Sunday, January 23, 2011

moggy my friend

i think my poor old cat may be on his last legs :(
admittedly he is 18.
i got him when i was 12, and i still remember it perfectly!
he was the runt of the litter at rspca, and i figured that no-one else would want him, so i took pity.
we used to play hide and seek, id take him for walks with a little harness and lead, ah they were the days!
when i moved out of home for uni ect he stayed with mum, which i dont think he was too stoked about.
he's never been a fan of homebrand dry cat food ;)
i finally took him back many years later, after mum told me he was on his last legs and if i didnt take him he was being put down.
that was 5 years ago!
he has always acted like a silly little kitten, up untill a couple of weeks ago.
he will only eat beef mince now, wont come inside when its hot (even with the aircon on)
and has started over the weekend to look like he's struggling a bit.
so off to the vet it is,
ill keep you posted as to the verdict.
wish me, and moggy luck!

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